It’s a secret almost too embarrassing to admit but, yes, I’ll spill it…

It’s really small.

I’ve been marketing online for nearly 15 years and have always only been able to maintain a handful of a tiny lists of email subscribers.

You know what they say…

It’s not the size that matters, it’s how you use it.

Well, at least that’s what people with small lists say, anyway. 😛

It’s true though…

I’d much rather wield a list of only 1,000 subscribers who genuinely want to hear what I have to say and were actively engaging with my communications than have 1 MILLION folks who couldn’t care less what I yammering about much less engage with me.

I’ll let you in on another little secret.

If you want a million subscribers, you can purchase them right now from shady websites who have scraped together millions and millions of legitimate email addresses.

It won’t even cost you that much.

You can purchase it right now, then you can brag to other marketers at your next marketing conference you about how BIG it is.

Sure, most of your emails are going straight to their spambin…

Sure, the few messages that slip through the spam filters actually inbox will likely be ignored…

Sure, you may even get a few people to respond to your message with “Who the hell are you? and why are you sending me this!??”

You might actually even make a couple random sales here and there.

This is exactly how spammers make their measly shekels.

Savvy email marketers, however, know better.

We know the money is NOT in the list…

The real money is in the relationship with the list.

If you nurture the relationship with genuinely interested people, your bank account will be more than satisfied with that tiny little list you’re wielding.

Your Check is in the e-Mail!

Nick Quick
Your Email Go-To Guy

P.S. My savvy team of email marketers are currently booked up with clients with lists ranging in size from a few thousand to those closing in on a million subscribers.

And those clients are absolutely thrilled with money we’re stacking for them so I am fairly certain they’ll be sticking with us for quite some time to come.

Which means…

Until I hire and train a few more email marketing virtuosos, I have nothing to sell you right now.

Literally, NOTHING.

That said, I would like to take some time to help you build a stronger relationship with your list…

Which might just help me build a stronger relationship with mine 😉

Here’s what I’m proposing…

I’d like to share 30 minutes with you over the phone or Skype so we can talk about your struggles and triumphs in building a tight bond with your list…no matter what the size is.

Sound like something you’d be interested in?

I know I am.

Let’s schedule our little virtual tête–à–tête, shall we?

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