Constantly Curing Cancer

Inside each of your subscribers is something malignant… rotting away inside them… causing them to suffer untold amounts of pain.

A cancer.

I’m not talking about the kind of ailment that claims the lives of countless people each year.

I’m talking about the kind of “cancer” that eats away at your soul when you have a problem you desperately need solved…Now!

Maybe your “cancer” is trying to drive a golf ball without that damned wicked slice every time…

Maybe it’s trying to find the love of your life, so you can ride off into the sunset on a white stallion with someone who truly fulfills you and live “happily ever after”…

More likely, it’s the Quixotic quest for insider secrets that whip up a buying frenzy each email you send to your audience (so you can finally achieve the respectable bank account you deserve)…

Every subscriber is suffering from a form of “cancer” gnawing away at them.

You have the cure they need…

You can put an end to all of their suffering…

You hold the responsibility to sell them antidote to their agonizing affliction…

Are you so brazen as to not offer the remedy every opportunity you get?

Your audience is “dying” to get their hands on it.

It’s your duty to deliver it up to them in your every email communication…even if it’s only quick mention to your product or service…or a request to hit you back in your inbox.

When it comes to your email marketing pains, I don’t yet have the proper diagnosis… but I sure as shit would love to find out and help ease your suffering.

If you’re ready for some relief from your pain, how about we have an initial 30 minute consultation?

I think that should be good for me to properly diagnose your “cancer”…

…And even write you up a custom prescription guaranteed to push you into “remission”.

Schedule your consultation with me now

Your Check is in the e-Mail!

Nick Quick
Your Email Go-To Guy

P.S. After you schedule your consultation with me, I want you to immediately offer your product or service to your subscribers.

They’re literally dying to receive the cure!

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