Our Team

Nick Quick
"Mr. Rainmaker"

Nick “The Buck Stops Here” Quick is EMD’s Head Honcho McCheese. With a solid decade of email marketing under his belt — rolling in the darkest trenches against overwhelmingly challenging competitors — you won’t find a more cash-compelling, copywriting crusher anywhere in the land. And you can bet dollars to doughnuts on it too, because Nick loves ‘em both.

Antonio Garcia
"Mr. Punch-Up"

Antonio is a simple man with simple tastes. He likes good meat, strong drink, and copy that hits like a Tyson haymaker. Case and point: Recruiting Antonio to head your “paper chase” puts Hellfire missile coordinates on your sales goals. His focus is unrivaled… his craft unparalleled. And all he needs is your “go ahead” to commit himself to your marketing wishes and get you cashing checks before you can tell your banker “You’re gonna need a bigger vault.”

Hailey Ramsey
"Ms. Feminine Mystique"

Miss Hailey hyper-specializes on marketing products and services to women. Her copy is delicate, sensitive, even soothing, and pleasant… the very reasons Hailey is the hammer of the EMD crew. Hardly a day passes that the guys aren’t shocked at Hailey’s mysterious ability to write the softest, most graceful copy that puts the pedal to the metal at the checkout page. Want Hailey to massage your customers into a cascade of revenue? Then act quickly as her talents are usually reserved well in advance.

Jim Barlow
"Mr. Quick Wit"

Zany, yet aloof… unpredictable, yet sophisticated. Mr. James Barlow uniquely embodies a subtle persuasiveness and laugh-out-loud boldness — a charismatic blend he brings to each and every marketing challenge set in from of him. Get Jim on your team and not only will you have to fetch your money rake from the shed, but you’ll bust guts reading the copy he crafts you. Even better, so will your customers… right before they empty their pockets into yours.