Panning For Vold

With my current team of expert email copywriters stretched beyond capacity stacking hundos-upon-thousdos for our client’s businesses, it’s time for me to put the kaibosh on me using completely made up words…

… Like “thousdo”…perhaps even “Kaibosh”.

Though I did find “Kaibosh” listed in the Urban Dictionary, so that makes it a thing.

Another word I found listed in Urban Dictionary:  “VOLD“.

Vold is basically a term for things that are perfect because of their imperfections.

Like email marketing done right.

It will have its flaws…

It will have its flubs…

It will have its typos…

And through all of its imperfections…

It will have its sells.

And lots of ’em!

No one feels comfortable in the presence of perfection…Myself included (And I’m always making piss-poor attempts at perfection haha).

Listen, for the time being, I’m no longer able to take any more clients…though the demand has been whittling my poor little fingers down to the nubs.

So what if I could offer you the next best thing…

The system that allows you to spin VOLD from the talents you currently HOLD.

I’ve already created the curriculum for the Email Rainmaker and it will be available to you soon (and it will cause cash to literally fall from the sky for you and your clients almost instantly).

Thing is, I want to pan for some more VOLD.

Here’s how I propose we do this…

You and I meet over the phone for 15-30 minutes (you pick) and I will literally assist you in conjuring up more gold for your biz completely free.

This truly is free advice from a rogue email veteran and the only thing I’m asking in return…

…Well, I just want to see where your struggles are so I can create a better email program for marketers like you who are serious about “panning for VOLD and making some GOLD”.

Can we make this happen?

If so, let’s chat casually and see how I can help you solve your business woes with ye ol’ email marketing.

Pick A Time For Us To Chat About Your VOLD

Looking forward to speaking soon…

Your Check is in the e-Mail!

Nick Quick
Your Email Go-To Guy

P.S. I know, I know…

For a guy who is constantly harping on monetizing your list, I’ve been doing a piss-poor job.

Down-right pathetic, really.

That’s ok, right now since I’m more than occupied with clients AND creating the perfect email cash-creating course for you, I simply don’t have the time or desire to go for your wallet.


Invaluable for you…absolutely.

Ready for me to teach you how to extract GOLD from you VOLD without needing to pull out your BILLFOLD?

I won’t be doing this forever, so let’s get on the horn and chat about how I can freely help you extract more cash from your list, ok?

Pick A Time For Us To Chat About Your VOLD

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