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One of the perks of helping you start a biz that fills your vaults like Scrooge McDuck’s swimming pool of gold using nothing more than simple email is that I get to respond to your questions.

This affords me the privilege of guiding you along the way regardless of where you are in your business right now, novice or expert.

After reviewing my recent release of “No Website Required”, Johnathan T. fromCincinnatti, OH poked his head into my inbox and asked this:

“Hey Nick. Love the emails you’ve been sending. Keep them coming. I was just curious. I’m just starting out with listbuilding and wondering what service you recommend I use? Aweber, MailChimp, what? Thanks so much.”

Well, Johnathan, I’m glad you ask because over the years of managing clients accounts–as well as my own–I’ve had the opportunity to use almost every Email Service Provider on this big blue marble.

Aweber… iContact… GetResponse… InfusionSoft… MailChimp… Ontraport… and on and on…

Here’s the skinny: They all have their pluses and minuses, benefits and disadvantages, exclusive abilities and unique drawbacks.

However, there’s one new player on the field that is making all the “major players” tremble in their little booties.

It’s the Email Service Provider I’m sending this email from right now…and if you’re a savvy email marketer like I know you can be, it might put an ear-to-ear grin on your chin to check ’em out.

The Email Service Provider that gets my highest recommendations right now is ActiveCampaign.

Check Out ActiveCampaign’s Kick-Ass Platform Here

It incorporates all of the advanced tagging and automation features that are typically only available with super-duper high-end services like OntraPort and InfusionSoft with affordable pricing models like MailChimp and Aweber.

Oh, and it has native integrations with damn near everything a successful online marketer could hope for.

With intuitive control panels and elegant design elements in the dashboard, it is in my humble but always correct opinion that there is no better bang for the buck out there than ActiveCampaign.

Once again, I’m only recommending this service because it is actually the service I use personally. I think you will love it too.

I hope that answers Johnathan’s question and gives you something to check out as well.

Just tell them I sent’cha!

Check Out ActiveCampaign’s Kick-Ass Platform Here

Your Check is in the e-Mail!

Nick Quick
Your Email Go-To Guy

PS…Already have an Email Service Provider and scared to make the migration?

You don’t need to move. You can just stay put.

That is unless… you’re unhappy with your current service and want more features for less money.

If you’re thinking about making the switch,ActiveCampaign has your back. They’ll do the migration for you on some plans.

Otherwise, it couldn’t be any easier to import your list…

…And NO: They won’t have to re-optin so long as you were hosting your list on a reputable server previously.

Rush on over and see all of the features and benefits you’ve been missing out on from your email service and I think you’ll agree that there’s a reason a lot of the savvy biz builders I know are making the switch to ActiveCampaign.

Check Out ActiveCampaign’s Kick-Ass Platform Here

Oh, and let me know what you think afterwards by clicking reply to this (or any) message. I’m always curious to hear your thoughts.