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10,000 Raving Fans


That’s the most common response I hear from clients who are just starting to build their online business.

The question: “How much money would you like to be making per month?”

And you know what? I think that’s a great starting point.

Pulling down $10k every month means you can trade in your current job for a kush six-figure position as the head of your own damn company.

Guess what? You can easily bring in $10,000 a month when you apply my approach to email marketing to a subscriber base of only 10,000.

Yup, 10,000 raving fans subscribed to your email list… That’s all it takes to deposit $10,000 in your bank account every month like clockwork.

So you might be wondering, “How in the heck am I going to get 10,000 people ready to open up my emails on the daily!?”

You might be surprised to discover that it’s actually quite simple.

In fact, you can do it in 3 to 6 months if you were to apply just a few easy techniques backed by this over-arching game-plan:

Get 10,000 Raving Fans

Before you know it, you can quit making your boss (or some big, faceless corporation) rich and start building your own profitable biz…

But it all starts with you getting those first 10,000 people in your email “entourage”.

Ready to discover the secrets to building that fan base?

Go here:

Get 10,000 Raving Fans

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Nick Quick
Your Email Go-To Guy

Why You’ll Never Make A Dime Online

Doom and gloom…

That’s what this one is all about.

Every day I hear of a new friend trying their hand at ye olde interwebz marketing.

They build what they believe to be a “cute as a button” site. Then blow up my social media with their new venture. Then after a month or so goes by…give up and say that all this hooplah of making money online is just a hoax.

Well, my friend, I can promise you this…It IS all a hoax if all you do is plunk down a site and start yammering on snapchat about it.

Let me give you the only 2 things you need to get paid for life. Everything else is just static and busy work…

To get paid in like a platinum record selling rockstar, you need (1) kick ass emails to send to (2) your list of interested people.

That’s it.

Simple, eh?

But here is where you stumble every damn time…

You don’t know how to find those interested people to join your list…or as I like to call it, your “entourage”…do you?

When I meet with clients over the phone, the biggest problem they seem to face—writing killer emails aside—is growing a ravenous fan-base they can sell to time and time again.

This is why most give up after a month or two.

They haven’t built a significant fan-base.

You’re smarter than that though.

Which is why I wanted to share the following with you:

The 3 Most Effective List Building Techniques

This, along with my daily email tips, will get you on the fast-track to riches, amigo.

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Nick Quick
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Singing The Praises Of List Demolition

When talking about email marketing there’s always a whole lotta jibber-jabber about List Building.

With good reason, too.

Building a list filled with responsive subscribers is absolutely crucial to your business.

I may go so far as to say it’s the most critical factor in pulling down wicked stacks of cash…but I suppose I may be just a smidge biased.

However, what doesn’t get talked about enough is List Demolition… Allow me a moment to to sing my praises to it.

In fact, I’d also like to tip my hat to HubSpot, who recently published how they just deleted nearly 50% of their subscriber base. I’m talking 250,000 subscribers instantly deleted!

Good on you, HubSpot!

Maybe you’re thinking to yourself, “That’s INSANE! Why would they just delete so many potential prospects!?”

Well, you probably haven’t given much consideration to the deadly impact of Graymail.

What’s that? Not sure what Graymail is?

Think of Graymail as Spam’s risk-taking but semi-law-abiding twin. Technically they’ve opted into your list but they no longer want to hear from you (that is, in fact, if they ever actually intended to read your stuff in the first place).

What’s the big deal about Graymail?

These non-engagers are actually destroying your chances of landing in the inbox of those who DO want to hear and buy from you.

The more contacts you have that could be considered Graymail subscribers, the more likely your message has purchased a one-way ticket to the spam bin of a subscriber who does want to hear what you have to say.

What should you do… Simply boot Graymail subscribers off your list?

I suppose that’s one solution.

But why not employ something better?

I just so happen to have something like that hanging out in my back pocket. I call it “The Lazarus Sequence” and it’s designed to resurrect your dying contacts (or put a tombstone on them forever).

They either engage with you… or they are banished…

And here’s something to get excited about… If you’re using a platform like ActiveCampaign, OntraPort, or InfusionSoft you can put The Lazarus Sequence on autopilot and never have to think about it ever again.

It automatically cleans your list like a Roomba eliminating all the gunk from your filthy apartment floor.

(Not on one of those platforms? No worries…you can just do it manually every month or so…Easy Breezy!)

Oh, and I come bearing gifts…

As you know, at the moment, I’m booked to the rafters with clients and so I have jack to sell, I’d be more than happy to carve out 30 minutes or so from my day to get on the horn with you and explain the 9 emails you’ll need to pull The Lazarus Sequence off.

Want me to spoon feed you the secret sequence?

Book A Quick Chat With Me

I’d be delighted to share this share this in all it’s glorious detail with you as my way of saying thanks for reading  and engaging in my ramblings.

Your Check is in the e-Mail!

Nick Quick
Your Email Go-To Guy

PS…Another great way to get rid of Graymail is to be Consistently Engaging your subscribers with emails.

They’ll either engage and buy your goods and services (Win!)…

Or they’ll get the hell of your list by unsubscribing (Win!)…

And if they don’t do either of those two, The Lazarus Sequence will take care of them (Win!)…

You seriously can’t go wrong.

So let’s all sing the praises of List-Demolition…


Book A Quick Chat With Me (Get The Lazarus Sequence)


It’s a secret almost too embarrassing to admit but, yes, I’ll spill it…

It’s really small.

I’ve been marketing online for nearly 15 years and have always only been able to maintain a handful of a tiny lists of email subscribers.

You know what they say…

It’s not the size that matters, it’s how you use it.

Well, at least that’s what people with small lists say, anyway. 😛

It’s true though…

I’d much rather wield a list of only 1,000 subscribers who genuinely want to hear what I have to say and were actively engaging with my communications than have 1 MILLION folks who couldn’t care less what I yammering about much less engage with me.

I’ll let you in on another little secret.

If you want a million subscribers, you can purchase them right now from shady websites who have scraped together millions and millions of legitimate email addresses.

It won’t even cost you that much.

You can purchase it right now, then you can brag to other marketers at your next marketing conference you about how BIG it is.

Sure, most of your emails are going straight to their spambin…

Sure, the few messages that slip through the spam filters actually inbox will likely be ignored…

Sure, you may even get a few people to respond to your message with “Who the hell are you? and why are you sending me this!??”

You might actually even make a couple random sales here and there.

This is exactly how spammers make their measly shekels.

Savvy email marketers, however, know better.

We know the money is NOT in the list…

The real money is in the relationship with the list.

If you nurture the relationship with genuinely interested people, your bank account will be more than satisfied with that tiny little list you’re wielding.

Your Check is in the e-Mail!

Nick Quick
Your Email Go-To Guy

P.S. My savvy team of email marketers are currently booked up with clients with lists ranging in size from a few thousand to those closing in on a million subscribers.

And those clients are absolutely thrilled with money we’re stacking for them so I am fairly certain they’ll be sticking with us for quite some time to come.

Which means…

Until I hire and train a few more email marketing virtuosos, I have nothing to sell you right now.

Literally, NOTHING.

That said, I would like to take some time to help you build a stronger relationship with your list…

Which might just help me build a stronger relationship with mine 😉

Here’s what I’m proposing…

I’d like to share 30 minutes with you over the phone or Skype so we can talk about your struggles and triumphs in building a tight bond with your list…no matter what the size is.

Sound like something you’d be interested in?

I know I am.

Let’s schedule our little virtual tête–à–tête, shall we?

Go here:

Schedule Your List Relationship Building Consultation Now