What’s The Best Time To Send An Email To Your List?

There’s always a big-ass hubbub over when is the “scientifically perfect” time to send out a mailing to your list (you are emailing your list regularly, aren’t you?).

You’ve heard the debate, I’m sure…

Some say you should send at midnight because the gurus said they would be at the top of the inbox when they wake up in the morning…

Others, claiming to be just a smidge more savvy, will send at 12:15 am to beat out all those suckers sending at midnight…

Some even say 5am for very similar reasons…

Yet others say you should mail after 9am to avoid the “morning purge” where you delete all your message because you don’t have any coffee pulsing through your veins and you just don’t want to deal with it…

(Ugh) Some say to do it when they’re at lunch break and need some good reading material to accompany the can of pork ‘n beans…

Finally, various adherents say you should do it at around 6pm because they’ll be back from work and ready to pull out the credit cards…

…And this is just a brief list of what advice I’ve heard peddled by them “goo-roos” as the “proper” time to message.

So which is it?

When are you going to get maximum results?

Which send time will stuff your inbox with sale after sale of receipts you can take to the bank?

Well, the answer of when to send just ain’t that simple, my friend.

Here’s the straight dope…

Just like any good solid relationship, you want to be consistent AND chaotic.

Does this sound a bit contradictory?

Good… because it definitely should!

Listen, no one wants to be with a partner they can’t rely on, one that’s not there for them, one that doesn’t nurture the relationship… That’s why the absolute bare minimum is to be emailing every day.

Like a flower bed full of petunias, you gotta do some work to keep those buds a-bloomin’.

At the same time, as anyone who’s been in a long-term relationship knows… If things become too damned predictable, the relationship gets tired and boring.

The spark that initially attracted you to the person begins to fizzle…

You gotta mix things up a bit to keep those embers a-blazing and the romance a-burnin’…

… And so it is with email marketing.

You’ll notice I’m now messaging you at a very UNCONVENTIONAL time according to the “goo-roos.”

Odds are you’re not even going to be reading this right now because it’s Friday-friggin’-night!

But if the topic matters to you in the slightest then you’ll get to it…and it should interest you if you like filling your piggy bank chock-full of silver dollars rather than dirty, nasty, filthy, green pennies.

So don’t expect me to message at any particular time.

(I thrive on a bit of chaos and controversy)

But definitely count on that daily message from me.

Consistent and chaotic… BOTH… That’s me!


Your Check is in the e-Mail!

Nick Quick
Your Email Go-To Guy

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PPS… Perhaps my next message will be in the middle of the day tomorrow… A little somethin’-somethin’ tells me I may just earn myself a delightful little hangover for tomorrow that may impede an early morning message…

… But don’t you fret, my friend…

It will come!

And so will the money you’re owed from your list if you follow my advice (alternatively, hand the reins over to me and I’ll personally take care of driving those shekels into your account immediately!)

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