Why You’ll Never Make A Dime Online

Doom and gloom…

That’s what this one is all about.

Every day I hear of a new friend trying their hand at ye olde interwebz marketing.

They build what they believe to be a “cute as a button” site. Then blow up my social media with their new venture. Then after a month or so goes by…give up and say that all this hooplah of making money online is just a hoax.

Well, my friend, I can promise you this…It IS all a hoax if all you do is plunk down a site and start yammering on snapchat about it.

Let me give you the only 2 things you need to get paid for life. Everything else is just static and busy work…

To get paid in like a platinum record selling rockstar, you need (1) kick ass emails to send to (2) your list of interested people.

That’s it.

Simple, eh?

But here is where you stumble every damn time…

You don’t know how to find those interested people to join your list…or as I like to call it, your “entourage”…do you?

When I meet with clients over the phone, the biggest problem they seem to face—writing killer emails aside—is growing a ravenous fan-base they can sell to time and time again.

This is why most give up after a month or two.

They haven’t built a significant fan-base.

You’re smarter than that though.

Which is why I wanted to share the following with you:

The 3 Most Effective List Building Techniques

This, along with my daily email tips, will get you on the fast-track to riches, amigo.

Your Check is in the e-Mail!

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